Floden v. State of Arizona

A college nursing instructor driving a state-issued vehicle turned into a high school student and amateur bicyclist who was on a training ride, causing the bicycle to hit the vehicle’s fender and the rider to catapult into the windshield. After Defendant applied the brakes, the bicyclist slid off the vehicle, striking his head on the asphalt. The bicyclist suffered a head injury, resulting in post-concussion syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder, which prevented him from pursuing his bicycling goals.

Hoyt v. Cameron

After 82-year-old retiree lost control of his vehicle, he caused a head-on collision, seriously injuring a 40-year-old bank employee. Injuries to Plaintiff included brain concussion, and fractures of the hip, knee and ankle.

Mackey v. Kare Distribution, Inc. and Armenta

Defendant driver ran a red light, colliding with Plaintiff, a retired woman in her sixties. Plaintiff fractured her left thumb, sustained a closed head injury, and developed fibromyalgia. Defendant denied liability.

Lopez v. Blue Sierra, Inc., Architectural Install Masters, Inc., and Scott

Defendant ran a red light, causing Plaintiff, a 51-year-old woman, to T-bone his vehicle. Plaintiff aggravated a preexisting spinal injury, and developed depression and anxiety disorder. She required a walker to ambulate after the accident, developed chronic pain, and was forced to end her employment.