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Truck Accident Attorneys in Tucson

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Sharing the road with heavy trucks should make any motorist wary. With an estimated 2 million tractor-trailers traveling on U.S. highways every day, motorists have to practice defensive driving when planning any trip involving highway driving. But sometimes defensive driving is not enough. When an out-of-control semi truck collides with a small vehicle, consulting an experienced truck accident attorney will help you protect your rights.

Tractor-trailers are typically 53 feet long but can be up to 75 feet long and weigh more than 80,000 pounds. According to Federal highway investigators, the most dangerous trucking accidents are rollovers, which can happen when an 18-wheeler goes over a loose surface and the driver overcorrects and loses control of the vehicle.

Most operators of big rigs practice safe driving. However, some pose a danger to passenger cars when they operate their vehicles while drowsy; if they are distracted by texting, eating or doing other tasks; or if their trucks don’t meet standard safety measures including carrying too much weight or not having enough mirrors to eliminate blind spots.

It is estimated that 5,000 people are killed in large truck accidents every year. If you or a loved one has been seriously or catastrophically injured in a trucking accident with an 18-wheeler, contact the Tucson truck accident lawyers at Hollingsworth Kelly.  Our attorneys have experience in complex injury litigation, and can put together the strongest case possible in order to maximize your recovery.

Settlements and Verdicts for: Trucking Accidents

Large Truck Accident: Driver of a semi-truck on eastbound I-10 made an unsafe lane change, forcing client to take emergency evasive action to avoid a collision, causing her vehicle to roll four times. Client suffered serious and permanent injuries of the spine and a traumatic head injury. Her husband was less severely injured. Settlement: $2,250,000


Large Truck and Motorcycle Accident: Defendant tractor-trailer driver negligently turned left in front of Plaintiff’s oncoming motorcycle. Client suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of the impact. While he is able to use a walker to walk very short distances, he is primarily wheelchair bound. As a result of his injury, client has only limited function of his hands. A pre-trial offer of $1,000,000 was made.
Verdict: $7,437,500.