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The Tucson medical malpractice attorneys at Hollingsworth Kelly understand an injury from a medical procedure can be catastrophic to the patient and his or her family. If you have lost a loved one to a wrongful death as a result of medical malpractice, or if you have been injured catastrophically due to negligence during a medical procedure, contact us today for a free consultation. We can help.

Most health care providers, including doctors, nurses, and hospitals, tend to give their patients quality medical care. Unfortunately, there is a small percentage of medical professionals who cause a disproportionate number of negligence injuries, often catastrophic or even fatal. Frequently, the names of these few substandard practitioners are the ones most commonly associated with a medical malpractice event.

Medical Malpractice Areas of Concern

Among the areas of medicine most commonly associated with medical malpractice are:

For almost two decades, the Hollingsworth Kelly Law Firm has served as an attorney to Tucson clients who have been seriously or catastrophically injured by medical malpractice errors.

Settlements and Verdicts for: Medical Malpractice

Buelna v. State of Arizona, University of Arizona, Tsau, M.D.,
University Physicians, et al.

Forty-nine year old woman presents to the emergency room at Northwest Medical Center on a Wednesday with chest pain. She is diagnosed with severe coronary artery occlusions and triple vessel disease, requiring immediate quadruple coronary artery bypass surgery. Surgery was not performed until five days later. Following a series of mistakes by various doctors and nurses, including an undiagnosed post-surgical bleed, the woman was rushed for a second emergent surgery. During the surgery, the woman’s heart stopped for a substantial period of time causing brain death and, 20 days later, her untimely death.

Case settled prior to trial with all parties with a covenant not to disclose the terms of the settlements.

Lowe v. Levine, M.D.

Minor child’s alleged family practitioner was negligent during the delivery of their son when she failed to properly and timely resuscitate him at birth. The child was without oxygen for over four minutes after delivery, causing brain damage. Jury Verdict: $4,025,000, affirmed by the Court of Appeals. The case against the hospital was settled before the trial.

Farinksky v. Bernstein M.D., Gettle, M.D., and Carondelet Health Network

Neurosurgeon Ronald Bernstein, M.D., performed a right occipital craniotomy to remove a tumor (acoustic neuroma). With little brain surgery experience, the surgeon removed portions of healthy brain tissue (mostly cerebellar) instead of removing the tumor. The patient was left in a state of quadriplegia and died two months later.

Settlements were obtained with all three defendants, with covenants not to disclose the terms of the settlement agreements.


Medical Malpractice: After undergoing outpatient surgery to remove a benign ovarian cyst, patient began to have complications. She started having pain almost immediately after the surgery, and was unable to urinate. The symptoms continued the following day, so she went back to the hospital. Several days later it was discovered the surgeon had nicked the patient’s ureter and bowels during the procedure. Patient had to stay in the hospital 2.5 months. She had to have a colostomy and lost her left kidney function. Confidential settlements reached with all parties.