Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

You’ve been injured in a car accident and it wasn’t your fault. You’re frustrated because you don’t have a working vehicle, you need medical care, and you’re not sure who is going to pay your medical bills. The insurance company representing the person who caused the accident wants your recorded statement. You just received a letter from the hospital saying they’ve filed a “lien” against you for a bill you thought was already paid by your medical insurance provider.

The problems car accident victims face after they’ve been injured in a motor vehicle collision can be overwhelming. In addition to seeking medical treatment for their injuries, they must make numerous decisions associated with their accident claim, mostly in areas that are unfamiliar to them.

Trying to negotiate your own claim with insurance companies may result in frustration and little success. If you begin communication with the third-party insurance company and before you hire an attorney to represent you, those prior statements may become an impediment to the successful resolution of your case.

A personal injury law firm such as Hollingsworth Kelly Law Firm is comprised of experienced attorneys and staff who can help you if you’ve been injured in an auto accident. They are ready to answer your accident-related questions, and will work closely with you until your case is settled. Firms like Hollingsworth Kelly are also experienced in working on medical liens, and will make sure any liens filed against you are valid, and when possible, they will negotiate reductions of those liens.

The injury lawyers at Hollingsworth Kelly have the experience to recover a fair and just settlement for your injuries. No fee is due until your case is resolved. Please contact us today for a free consultation with a Tucson accident attorney.