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Motorcycles prove higher accident risk

Though sporty, fast, and streamlined, motorcycles are definitely a riskier choice when it comes to travel. In 2011, there were 2,553 injuries from motorcycle-related collisions resulting in 132 fatalities according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. Significantly, 47% of the violations given resulted in no improper action on behalf of the motorcyclist. The fact is, […]

Practice Pedestrian Safety and Street Smarts

Because our personal injury attorneys see a high incidence of traffic-related accidents causing injury or death to pedestrians, we want to make you aware of how to protect yourself when you’re walking along Tucson’s busy streets. On average, there is one pedestrian death every 2 hours and another pedestrian-related injury every 8 minutes according to […]

Dust Storm Safety: Pull Aside, Stay Alive

Driving through dangerous dust storms is always a risk when driving on Arizona highways. These sudden and blinding storms can cause serious motor vehicle accidents within a matter of seconds. Every year there are numerous dust-storm-related crashes, especially along the dusty I-10 corridor that commuters use to get from Tucson to Phoenix. According to the Arizona […]

Give Your Baby a Boost

A new Arizona Law could result in a $50 fine if you are found driving with a child who is not seated in a booster seat. Starting August 2, 2012, a child must be seated and restrained in a booster seat if they are between the ages of 5 and 7 and under 4’ 10”. […]

Do You Need GAP Insurance?

After much deliberation, you purchase a brand new car. The payments are a little high, but they’re manageable and you have four years to pay it off. If your research pays off, you won’t have to deal with car repairs for a long time. But just six months later, a distracted driver runs a red […]

Texting While Driving–A Risky Gamble

Gambling is part of the human condition. People flock to Las Vegas to risk losing a small amount of money to have a chance at winning big. Many times, the end result is losing big, while winning nothing. This same risk behavior analysis occurs when people text while driving. Most who text while driving believe […]